Erica - Resident

I’ve had a great experience so far working with Greco. The process has been easy, straightforward, and most importantly on-time! (Knock on wood) Brady has been super responsive and helpful throughout the process even with my frequent questions. The only downside I would say was that the floor plans were a little jumbled early on in the process but we got the confusion sorted out. I’m excited to see what is in store with living at a Greco property!

Jami - Resident

For me this is my very first apartment, my boyfriend and I are moving out of our parents to here, I must say I’ve enjoyed this process a lot, we’ve had a little count down as the day gets closer and closer. I’ve found everyone to be very helpful and when I went to inquire about this apartment back in September, all my questions were answered and I walked away knowing more then I even thought to ask. Since then I’ve had my occasional questions, and the team has been super helpful with responding, making sure my questions are answered! The process of all the paperwork and such was really easy, this was all new to me but I found it easy to navigate through, also really convenient that everything was online. I’ve had a really good experience with everything and everyone!

Kelsey - Future Resident

Tiffany & Brady, I want to thank you for helping me every step of the way! March can’t come soon enough! Everyone is welcoming, made the process so easy, and also loved that this company values essential workers! Thank you!

Amanda - Resident

We have been very happy with our experience with The Bowline staff and their leasing process and updates. We have been in contact with the leasing staff since this fall. They have answered all our questions and give us updates when needed. We are very excited to be part of this community and we are looking forward to using all the amenities in and around the Bowline this spring and summer.


Such a lovely moving experience, The Bowline management has been so kind and helpful. The lighting in my home is so bright, the appliances are efficient, and the cupboards are spacious. The fitness room is awesome. I love my new home!